CleanSpaceCleanLife provides cleaning services and air purification systems for a variety of commercial and residential clients.

Since our beginning in 1999, we have always been dedicated to developing strong client relationships built on a footing of exceptional services and outstanding customer service. As we grow, we work hard to stay personally connected to each client.

CleanSpaceCleanLife has a team of experienced cleaning and environmental professionals who are excited to meet and serve you. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

Our services are customized to fit each client’s specific needs, and we are also committed to providing prompt, reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our professionals are well trained and supervised to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Prior to commencement of any services, our management will perform a walkthrough with the assigned team members to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the client expectations and to review any specific instructions related to the task at hand.


CleanSpaceCleanLife can provide professional cleaning services for a variety of businesses, some of which include: