Introducing Our New Mobile Friendly Website

There’s no doubt that our world is highly technological and fast paced. Since smartphones and tablets found their ways into our lives, the way we perform our daily tasks and conduct business has changed immensely.

So we looked at some statistics reflecting the latest trends.

A study done by Google last year showed that more than 80% of people nowadays use their smartphone to perform Internet searches.

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We also found out that 4 out of 5 consumers will make purchases or select services using their smartphones or tablets.

Approximately 61% of users will leave a site right away due to the site’s poor usability, typically moving on to a competitor’s site. Some 67% of these consumers stated they are more likely to make a purchase or use a service from a website where they had an overall positive mobile experience.

Many recent surveys have demonstrated how important it is for businesses nowadays to have a responsive and mobile friendly site.

To echo our proficiency, modernization, and growth, and to better serve our client base, CleanSpaceCleanLife has launched an advanced and sophisticated website.

Our services are focused on improving life experiences and even productivity for our clients and their employees by offering impeccable commercial cleaning, ensuring good air quality and safe drinking water through high quality air purifiers and water filtration systems, and commercial and residential environmental testing of water.

At CleanSpaceCleanLife we understand that keeping up with a commercial property requires a significant amount of time and effort, and the importance of having a facility that is properly maintained. So, we do it for you, and we do it with unfailing professionalism.


We believe Communication, Reliability and Consistency are the keys to establishing a long-term business relationship, so it was only natural that we took steps to also enhance the way we connect with our clients virtually.

We partnered with a dynamic and innovative Internet marketing company to make sure that our current, future, and potential clients have an easy time using our site not only on their computers, but also on their smartphones, tablets, and even on their watches.

At CleanSpaceCleanLife we are grateful for every client and revenue source, and appreciate you taking time in your busy schedule to get in touch with us. This is why we also wanted to include the “Click and Call” feature on our home page, so that you can quickly and easily contact us when you need us.

We invite you to check out our newly designed site and learn more about our cleaning services, and air and water quality testing and products for clients throughout South Central Pennsylvania.