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The Three Success Factors

We are committed to providing our clients with the “three success factors”, which are each in their own right important, but together provide the key to CleanSpaceCleanLifes’s success.

Communication, Reliability and Consistency are the keys to establishing long-term business relationships.

Frequent and prompt communication builds trust that service requests, concerns or changes in work scope will be handled quickly and professionally. Our commitment to reliability means that our team will be there on-time and when scheduled. Our quality assurance plan guarantees that the cleaning services remain consistent.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

At CleanSpaceCleanLife we understand that maintaining a commercial property requires a significant amount of time and investment. Regardless of the type of business, it is vitally important that a facility be properly maintained and receive a high standard of office building cleaning services.

CleanSpaceCleanLife specializes in commercial cleaning and office building cleaning services throughout South Central Pennsylvania, including, Lancaster County and also Dauphin, Lebanon and York Counties. Click here to see all the Areas We Serve.

We can seamlessly implement a customized commercial cleaning program for your office building setting. Contact us today to bring CleanSpaceCleanLife’s high standards of building maintenance to your front door.

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Consumer Health Products – Commercial & Residential

CleanSpaceCleanLife understands that while cleaning will improve the appearance of the workspace, there are other factors to consider in providing a healthy working environment. Providing good air quality is key to improving the employees work experience and even productivity. We provide high quality air purifiers to improve the workspace and subsequently the work life.

CleanSpaceCleanLife also understands that as much as we love our homes, even the newest and cleanest homes can harbor materials that actually harm our health. Our air purification systems are vital to maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your family.

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